"I would not have achieved a fraction of the career success I enjoyed at the peak of my management consulting career without having been coached by Lynda. In fact I would probably not be the woman I am today had I not met her almost 40 years ago. She is without doubt the most skilled coach and counsellor I have ever met. People often say I’m one of the most confident, charismatic and brave people they have ever met. I think it’s because I really do believe in myself and I have Lynda to thank for setting me on that path."
Renee Binyon. Management Consultant, Business Owner & Fast Forward 15 Mentor & Ambassador 

"Lynda changed my life! What more do I need to say?! Working with Lynda has led to (at least?!) two epiphanies, changing the direction of my life for the better on both occasions-I was seeking a purpose in my life and wanted to connect with like minded people and Lynda empowered me to make big changes by giving me the confidence and permission I needed. Working with her for several months over the first lockdown took me on a fascinating journey, enabling me to bring focus to both my personal and work life, gain confidence to spread my wings, and grow as a person, and provided me with a set of strong values and guidelines that I still refer back to constantly to keep me on track and living my life to its full potential. Working with Lynda, gives you a massive kick up the arse in the best ways!! She is fiercely wise and direct, yet also hugely caring, supportive, kind and gentle with it.
She is very highly recommended"
Cherry Anderson, Freelance Graphic Designer

"Lynda has been a coach and mentor for me throughout my career and is the reason I am running the enterprise that I run today. We started our professional journey together in Bristol in the early 1990s, both volunteering in community-based groups. We went onto co-train together and I learned so much from her inspirational training. She became my nonmanagerial supervisor later in the 90s, and then, in the early 00s, as I faced redundancy, she offered me a 12 week career coaching course. This course, and the way Lynda worked with me, really helped me to refine the ideas I had to develop a training and consultancy organisation which led to me becoming an independent trainer and consultant, and then, in 2012, along with two colleagues, we establish the Diversity Trust - the enterprise I run today. Lynda's style of accountability and focus really helped me a great deal and I would recommend anyone wanting career or life coaching to reach out to her".
Berkeley Wilde. CEO, Diversity Trust

"Lynda combines warmth and humour with a tough, challenging focus on priorities and has moved me forward dramatically in finding and achieving goals. Her clarity and empathy –and sense of fun and possibility - make her a transformational coach."
Christian MacLean, Chief Executive Officer, CHIP+

"Overall I feel much more at peace with life than I did before I started coaching. I have had the opportunity to 'sort through my head' in an open, honest and non-judgemental environment. Coaching has given me the opportunity to move forward from negative experiences in a positive fashion and to take my own view of me into my control. I am now much more positive, relaxed and willing to learn and experience life with enjoyment and openness rather than suspicion and negativity. Your non-judgemental support and gentle challenging gave me the space to sort out some really old issues and the skills to tackle some new ones. It has been a challenging and sometimes painful experience but it has also been a wholly positive experience and I would recommend coaching, particularly with you, to anyone." MT

"A couple of years ago, I was at a very low point in my life. I was jobless, directionless and terribly heartbroken from the split of a long term relationship. I did not know how to fit into this world. I had no dreams and certainly no self esteem and felt old way beyond my years. I am ashamed to say, I felt quite worthless and thought there was no hope for me. It was a bleak place to be. When I first spoke to Lynda I believed I was a lost cause, and was very resistant to the small steps she was asking me to take. I thought them insignificant - just a further illustration of how small I’d become. However before very long, I began to notice some small changes, and began to open up more to the coaching process. The small things pretty soon became bigger things. And so the process had begun; of Lynda helping me move from a very dark place to a light place. .. Using her skills and experience she kitted me out with a special tool bag for life, tools which I previously did not have…she challenged my negativity, and helped me to understand the destructive patterns that had been with me all my life, and helped me replace them with healthy positive ones. The support I get constantly blows me away. She is pragmatic but also truly wants to help improve your life and so comes to coaching from a genuine and generous place. .. After every call I feel bigger, clearer and more able for this, at times very challenging, world. Her help to me has been invaluable during a very difficult and transitional time in my life. It is lovely to know that there is help available on the end of a phone if you need it! Within a year my life changed enormously, I put in a lot of work, and I now have a blossoming career. I am clearer about what I want, which direction I need my life to move in, my self esteem is the best it has ever been, I have even opened myself to having a relationship again, but best of all – I’ve got my dreams back. I feel incredibly lucky to have met and worked with Lynda and will always be grateful to her for her guidance." KW

"I'm a successful chartered surveyor, running my own one-man business which I built up by working very long hours and by being constantly available to clients and potential clients, even in the evening and at weekends. When I started working with Lynda I was putting in a 14 hour day and working every week-end. I felt permanently tired, had no time for friends, had lost any sense of joie de vivre and felt guilty if I tried to take time away from the business for fun or family or anything else. I feared that if I didn't carry on doing everything the way I had always done it I'd get fewer clients, have unhappier clients and make less money. I found it hard to believe that I could work less hours, have more fun and still achieve my business objectives.I now normally work only a 8am - 5pm day and no weekends - and my business is doing better than ever. Although we initially focused on time and workload management coaching has also benefited me in many other areas of my life. Lynda has encouraged me to challenge myself, explore new approaches and try new things. And I'm reaping the benefits in all areas of my life."
Nick Coward

"My coaching sessions with Lynda have been wonderfully effective in two very different areas of my life. I decided on coaching because although I knew what I wanted to do career-wise, I wasn't doing it and was very good at finding ways of avoiding taking action. However, after the initial session I realised that I also really wanted to improve the very difficult relationship with my baby's father. In 6 months Lynda's coaching enabled me to achieve results in both areas that I knew to be theoretically possible but felt - quite literally - only able to dream of. In terms of my career, I now have precisely the career I want and access issues have been amicably resolved to my satisfaction without any solicitor's involvement. The money I've spent on my coaching sessions has been a superb investment. Working on my aims under Lynda's coaching quite simply turned my life around."
Anna Plodowski

"When I started coaching I was a pretty anxious person - always worried, weighed down by self-imposed feelings of obligation and stress, and feeling like I wasn't experiencing the joy in life. I came to coaching with the intention of focusing on my career, but it's also been about so much more than that. Through the sessions I've come to understand myself better, have stopped being so self-critical and perfectionist, and feel much more optimistic and energised about life in general. I feel more in control, have taken positive steps so that my focus is now on work that I enjoy, have learnt how to set goals and also how to maintain boundaries on my time. Lynda has an uncanny ability to really get to the heart of issues in a sensitive way, and I found working with her both fun and inspiring." Laura

"I have recently been promoted to a Senior Service Management position in a Social Services Department. When I started I felt unsure and underconfident in my role, and with some of my peers, so decided to seek some coaching. I have found these sessions to be of tremendous value to me. Lynda has enabled me to reflect, analyse and positively appraise myself and to manage my sometimes over-emotional reactions to certain situations and people. The techniques I have learnt for managing situations, other people and myself have been a powerful addition to my toolkit. I have certainly benefited from coaching and feel able to continue to apply what I have learned in many situations". LV

"I'm a single mother with a very serious long-term illness so I've always felt that it's important that I be a very strong and positive person. I felt that allowing myself to feel vulnerable, sad, afraid or angry would take that strength from me. However, in the sample session I connected with some of those feelings and realised how important it was for me to allow myself to experience my emotions and to 'go with' them - all the way through from laughter to crying. I have learnt that doing this makes me stronger rather than weaker. Other benefits from coaching have been fewer headaches, less stress generally and beating myself up less. I'm a lot calmer and I don't let other people bring me down. The tools and approaches Lynda used were ones I could take away from the sessions and adapt in a range of ways. Lynda really worked for me as my coach because I felt able to trust her with my innermost emotions which was a huge achievement for me. I always felt listened to and never felt judged. For me coaching has never been about 'setting SMART objectives' and creating 'action plans'. Rather, at the end of every session I would always feel absolutely light - as if I had spent time in a beautiful garden. I'm stopping coaching for the time being. Things are good and I just feel really happy. But I think it is a place I may visit again - to 'walk around the garden, sit under a tree and feed the ducks'." Juliet


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