Fees & Structure

There are none.

At the start of 2023 I decided to 'unretire'. I discovered that this would now require me to spend a huge amount of time and energy marketing/promoting myself using social media. I am not willing to do this. However, it is important to me to be 'in service' in some way - and my way has always been via coaching.

If you have found your way to this website, it is likely that we have met or at least had a conversation via phone/video which led to me giving you this website address and mentioning the possibility of you working with me, for free.

I give my time and expertise. You give your commitment.


1. How often do I have a coaching session?

The 3 month Ageing with Purpose programme 

This consists of a 50 minute coaching session every week for 12 weeks. An alternative structure could be 3 weeks of sessions, then one week for catch-up. There are activities and reflective exercises to be done by the client between sessions and email contact is also included. I am your coach and available to you for the entire 3 months, not just during the sessions

On-going Monthly Coaching

The usual schedule is 3 x 40 minute sessions a month, followed by a 'catch up' week, paid for in advance. 4 sessions a month may be possible, if required. Once some momentum has been achieved, it may be possible to move to two sessions a month

Prior to the first session, I send you an Intake Pack consisting of questions and activities to help you to reflect on where you are, where you want to be and the strengths and resources that you bring to the journey. There may also be additional activities and reflective exercises to be done between sessions

Other Coaching programmes

Do you find the idea of a fixed length programme, such as Ageing with Purpose, appealing even if you are not yet 'ageing'? That structure and most of the activities and reflective exercises can also be used for rethinking how you generate your income. A career change? A move to or from self-employment or running your own business?

The  same structure and fees would apply as for Ageing with Purpose

Single Sessions

There may be times in your life when you feel you just need one or two sessions to focus on a specific issue or situation such as an important interview or a challenging situation at work. Please contact me to find out more

2. How else do you support me?

As your coach (and unlike in a counselling or therapeutic relationship), I am available to you all the time (within reason). In addition to the scheduled sessions, the fee you pay entitles you to email contact between sessions - to ask a question, request some 'emergency' support, update me on a success, use me as a sounding-board to clarify your thinking or just to download. The fee also covers occasional additional short telephone calls

If I come across relevant resources (articles, books, web sites, checklists, questionnaires or anything else that supports you in deepening your understanding of yourself and making the changes that you want to make) I will send them to you or signpost them. I also have a huge library of handouts from my previous training and development work

3. Face-to-face, telephone or video?

Coaching can take place face-to-face if geography allows, and the client wishes, but most coaching happens by telephone or video

Telephone/video coaching has a number of practical advantages

1. No travelling time, no travelling expenses, no traffic or parking problems
2. You aren't limited to a coach who lives nearby - you can choose from all over the world.
3. No need to get dressed up to go out (or even dressed)
4. No need to arrange childcare, negotiate who has the car etc
5. If necessary, appointments can be rescheduled with minimum inconvenience
6. With so many free/cheap methods now available, coach and client can be on opposite sides of the planet and can continue even if one or both of them are away from home for extended periods

But telephone coaching doesn't just have practical advantages

A number of clients have had reservations about telephone coaching (“I hate the telephone” is a phrase I have often heard) but, because they wished to work with me, were willing to try it. Without exception they have become converts. They find it easier to focus and concentrate with no visual distractions and easier to ‘open up’. One client described it to me as “anonymous intimacy”. One way to check out telephone coaching is to have a free introductory session

Are there any disadvantages?

One perceived drawback of telephone coaching is the obvious one of no visual contact which means that body language feedback is unavailable. Yet this doesn't seem to weaken the coaching process. Coaches have very good listening skills – they can usually ‘hear’ a smile – or a tear




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