Consultancy, Training & Facilitation Experience

For 16 years I worked solely as a freelance Independent Personal and Management Development Consultant, Trainer & Facilitator - always integrating personal development & empowerment into whatever I did. This work continued in parallel with coaching for many years, with coaching gradually forming the larger part

I no longer do this work but it has certainly contributed to what I have to offer as a coach. Coaches do spend most of their time listening, to asking questions, reflecting, sometimes challenging. But there are also occasions when some information, a relevant handout, advice on accessing resources and even some counselling or skills development training can be helpful to the client.

Examples of Training Workshops

  • Management/Leadership Development programmes
  • Stress Management/Work-Life Balance/Creating Well-Being
  • Time & Workload Management
  • Coaching and Performance Management/Coaching and Mentoring Skills/Manager as Coach
  • Management of Change/Dealing with Change
  • Women's Development
  • Influencing/Assertiveness Skills
  • Communication/Inter-Personal Skills
  • Team Development/Managing Project Teams
  • Personal Development/Personal Effectiveness/Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Client Testimonials 

"Her broad base of employment, organisational and life experience brings a unique depth to her work. She has the ability to immediately create a sharing and trusting group culture. It is this combination of qualities, combined with her ability to assess and meet both individual and organisational demands, her personal warmth and the openness of her style, that sets her apart" Service Manager, Social Services

"Lynda is a very skilled trainer and facilitator, confident and able to be flexible. She's highly intelligent, well-prepared and produces excellent handouts. Her combination of a very analytical mind with finely honed people skills and confidence is very rare" Training Manager

 "Lynda has worked with the City Council's social work department over a period of eight years…. She is very skilled both as a trainer and as a facilitator. On two occasions I have commissioned her to work with teams who were dealing with the impact of harassment which has included schisms within the team as well as the trauma to individual team members. In both cases the effect on the well being of the team members and on the ability of the team to return to effective functioning has been considerable…. feedback has been very positive and indicates lasting change.

 Participant Feedback

  • "Brilliant! I have been on courses before but have never been enthralled for the whole time."
  • "Relaxed, approachable, humorous and very knowledgeable. Excellent communicator and facilitator."
  • "Never boring. Excellent rapport between trainer/members. Came away with a sense of achievement/enthusiasm."
  • "Open, enabling and skilled at challenging issues while maintaining direction."
  • "This course was excellent. I wish I had gone on it 10 years ago. It has made a genuine and lasting impression on me and has had a very positive effect on both my work and private life. This course, or something similar, should be mandatory for everyone"



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